#1-Web Design And Development || Make Your Free Website/Blog.

#1-Web Design And Development || Make Your Free Website/Blog.
Hello Guys today in this video we will learn that how we can make professional website/blog for free
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3 Tips For Designing An Effective Website

3 Tips For Designing An Effective Website
The importance of designing effective websites is becoming more and more prominent each day. You know that the websites you design for your clients need to serve a purpose, but sometimes it’s hard to get started.

Today we’ll cover three quick tips for designing an effective website.

Checklist: http://kristarae.co/10-steps-to-designing-a-strategic-website-for-your-clients/

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10 steps to designing a strategic website for your clients:
➜ http://kristarae.co/10-steps-to-designing-a-strategic-website-for-your-clients/…

Purpose Of This Website

Purpose Of This Website
Introduction to this Website and the things needing to be done in the coming months!

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Small Business Web Design, Small Business Web Design Services

Small Business Web Design, Small Business Web Design Services
Professional Web Design Services For Small Business Owners!!

We create and design small business web design for not just only beautiful but design to focus profitable, targeted that make results and explore your small business globally!

e-Business Experts is a leading web design services company for small business which caters all the small business web design solutions, incorporating all your expectations in emphasizing the best small business website.

We ensure quality services to focus on your core small business concept.

Small business web design services are not a bunch of web pages anymore. They are the most valuable investment a business can make to grow itself. It is important that your website really spells your small business, in addition to looking and feeling good.

Our custom small business web design services give your small business a professional edge. We know that a website is more than a compilation of graphics and pages. Our team of professional graphic artists, professional designers and developers approach each and every small business web site with the right synergy of artistic and technical talent. We work closely with you to create high quality small business web sites that are custom designed and reflect the best solution for your needs.

e-Business Experts is committed in providing a wide range of designing features in creating exclusive small business websites for all your business needs. Our team is very much enthusiastic in designing eye-catching and effective portal solutions for your small business website to feel rich and look.

We focus in meeting your project’s needs with an equal consideration to your vision and budget. Whether you are starting from scratch or you need to redesign you current small business website, we will provide a clean, professional small business web design to ensure attention getting results. From web design, to wordpress cms design to logo design, each of our designs is unique and is created for the purpose of setting you apart from the crowd.

Creativity and strategy is what we rely on. Our behind the scenes talent works on the ethics of design interaction. We believe in what we create.

Small business web design services have a different set which includes graphic, interface and user experience designs. Our team is very well versed in different set of tools and applications in creating websites. We ensure in implementing updated W3C standards such as, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, and server side scripting etc.

We focus on not only designing beautiful websites – we focus on designing websites that are profitable.


e-Business Expert

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Web Development – Assignment 2

Web Development – Assignment 2
A video created for the labrador information site that was created for assignment 2 of the Applied Computing Foundation Degree.
This video was created purly for the purpose of embedding it into a website of my own creation, nothing else.
And as a record of my encounter with this georgous, well-behaved labrador…

Corandus Mobile Website Flow

Corandus Mobile Website Flow
The purpose of the website is to present their project and product portfolio while showing their services and team. You can see that the website is structured in 4 elements based on the technologies they use.

Of course, as you can see the website has a responsive design aimed towards desktops, tablets and other mobile devices.

View full project here:

Type-Safe Web with Kotlin

Type-Safe Web with Kotlin
Web programming is somewhat strange: the core languages (HTML and CSS) have no means of reuse, so we have to use server-side templates and preprocessors such as LESS/SASS to compensate. On top of that, although even very basic Web applications use quite a few different technologies (think HTML/CSS/JS/Java/JSP), there are no means of making sure they fit properly together. Maybe this link is broken, maybe that style is not defined, and so on. Being a general-purpose language, Kotlin (kotlin.jetbrains.org) has no built-in support for Web programming, but you can build a Web framework in it that incorporates everything from routing to markup and client scripting in a type-safe, reusable way. In this session, you can learn how.

Andrey Breslav
Andrey is the lead language designer for Project Kotlin, he joined the JetBrains team in 2010.
View more trainings by Andrey Breslav at https://www.parleys.com/author/andrey-breslav

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