Ecommerce Website – Designing from Scratch – Urdu Tutorial – Part 1

Ecommerce Website – Designing from Scratch – Urdu Tutorial – Part 1
🙌Ecommerce website designing from scratch using WordPress, Elementor, OceanWP & WooCommerce. URDU TUTORIAL

💻 Watch First:
➡ Mastering Elementor in Urdu
➡ Getting Started with WooCommerce

💹Ecommerce market is growing in Pakistan rapidly and everyone is trying to take their business to next level and sell online. But people with the low budget for online store development stays behind the curtains, while they don’t know it’s not that hard to create an online store with free applications like WordPress & WooCommerce.

🎓This tutorial is exactly for those who are just getting started. And not only entrepreneurs or individuals, website designers & developers who are adopting WordPress and trying to learn new technologies to expand their skillsets can also take benefit from our WordPress tutorial series.

💯In this tutorial series, I will guide you to design an e-commerce website from scratch using WordPress & WooCommerce. We will use the top page builder Elementor and an outstanding free theme OceanWP.

👍We will design a unique store homepage, customize website colors & layout. Cart, Catalogue & Checkout page designing.


Web design speed art 🍋

Web design speed art 🍋
★★★Мой блог VK

Продолжаю рубрику Web design speed art. На этот раз сделаем часть концепции промо-страницы в рамках моего дизайн челленджа. Ставь лайк, если видео было интересно и не забудь оставить комментарий) На данный момент это лучшая мотивация для следующих видео.


Стримы, вебинары по веб-дизайну

Дизайн в соц.сетях

Полезные фишки и уроки по фотошопу

Сервисы и плагины для бизнеса

Блог на вордпресс с нуля

Про Mock up (смарт-объекты)

Дизайн процессы (ускоренное видео)

Обучение веб-дизайну для начинающих

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7 phase process in developing a website by SUCCESSWERKS

7 phase process in developing a website by SUCCESSWERKS
Websites– whether you’re thinking about starting one or hoping to improve upon your existing, you should know at least some of the basics about web design.

No worries, this 3 minute video will fill you in!

Let’s face it– a website is the core of all your online marketing activities. All of your other marketing channels and techniques exist to bring visitors to your website. Furthermore, your website exists to turn these visitors into customers. In marketing terms, we call this conversion. If your website isn’t up to par, it can cause you to waste money because on other marketing methods. What’s the point of enticing more visitors if you can’t turn them into customers?

Of course, there are many people in the industry who have enough coding knowledge to quickly create a website for you and your business, but without much planning. But is that the way to turn your visitors into customers? Is that what you need?

The answer is simple–no. What you need is someone who is serious about web design. That’s where we come in. We make websites following a 7-phase process that ensures you’re getting what you need to convert those visitors into paying customers.

Phase 1: Analysis
The first step is always about information gathering, identifying things like website purpose, goals, and target audience.

Phase 2: Planning
A plan includes a definition of a site map, structure, and technologies we plan to use.

Phase 3: Design
Not only do we focus on wireframe models and the visual style in this phase, but also on the usability of the user interface to establish the best possible user experience.

Phase 4: Content
A very important part of the process is choosing the right text, photos, and videos, all optimized not only for your visitors, but also for search engines.

Phase 5: Development
Here we actually create the website using the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), with some help from databases and other technologies as well. If needed, our website can be made accessible to mobile devices, too!

Phase 6: Testing
We test all the technical features like code and scripts and compatibility with major browsers. We also ask ourselves if the website really fulfills its purpose.

Phase 7: Deployment
After we launch the site, our job isn’t done! We always monitor what is happening after the start, enabling us to fix any possible deficiencies. And, if you want, we can also manage future maintenance and updates for you.

As the video shows, web design is quite a complex process, but we believe this is how websites should be done and our customers agree! If you share the same passion for high-quality websites, let’s get in touch! We’ll be happy to help you with what we do best. SUCCESSWERKS
Richmond, VA

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Web Development and Design – Sales and Marketing – Face Forward Media

Web Development and Design – Sales and Marketing – Face Forward Media
Website Development

Whether your website needs a minor a face lift, or a major overhaul, or if you need a brand new site built from the ground up, the Experienced Web Development Professionals here at Face Forward Media are standing by and ready to consult you on your project.

Our seasoned designers and developers are very flexible, well versed, and can work on multiple web platforms. Plus we also have strategic alliances with other firms that we collaborate with, to deliver highly specialized and interactive web design products. In either case, whether we develop a project totally in house or involve other specialists to accomplish the goal, our main differentiator is that you can rest assured that the web design that you get from Face Forward Media is, from inception, designed and built to be a traffic magnet and conversion machine.

Before we begin any website build, we are thinking about the backbone, architecture and structure of the design, making sure that the Search Engine Optimization features that we use everyday are well planned out and built into the blueprint before a single line of code is ever written.

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Content Marketing | Website Content Vs. Design | Content is Still King

Content Marketing | Website Content Vs. Design | Content is Still King
Content Marketing Web Design Company Badgett Web Design In this video we talk about the website content vs. design debate that’s popular in the web design and web marketing industry. Though we consider ourselves a design company, we 100 percent agree that it starts with content and content strategy is more important to a successful website than the design strategy and design direction.

Content marketing is all about creating large, and hopefully targeted content for your target audience. A Craigslist is popular because of its content and purpose and obviously not because of the website design which looks about a decade out of date.

If you’re trying to figure out how to design a website around content, a good web designer should be able to help you with your content marketing strategy and content focused design.

According to Gary Vaynerchuck, content is king. Derick Halpern claims to have grown his email list by staring controversy around the claim that content is not king. Ultimately it’s your decision, but I must remind you that you’re watching a video on Youtube (content). Is Youtube popular for it’s design or content?

What do you think the Youtube content marketing strategy is? Is their success due to content or design?

– Chris
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Responsive Web Design Preview for Clients |

Responsive Web Design Preview for Clients | For the last year, the engineering team at has undertaken an overhaul of how the marketplace looks, feels and functions. Join Founder and CEO David Ciccarelli for a fast-paced and informative webinar:

During the hour you will:

• Be introduced to a faster way to hire voice talent, without going through the audition
• See the amazing new messaging system
• Discover power tools on a re-imagined responses page
• Much more!…

Website Design and WordPress Development Company in Columbus, Ohio

Website Design and WordPress Development Company in Columbus, Ohio
Nice Digitals, Digital Marketing Agency with over 8+ Years experience in Web Services and online marketing services.

We Designed, Developed more than 2000+ websites and worked for 300+ clients across the globe.

Why choose us?

We aim at designing such website for you that solves the purpose of traffic retention and lead the transformation.

We believe that each website is different thus we do not implement the rule of one-fit-all. When we get the project of creating a website the first step is going through a proper market research. Then we prepare a rough draft that includes our creativity, contemporary trends, and inputs from clients. Once the rough draft is approved by the client, we start working on the same to provide you with a flawless website.

If you want a website that is efficient in its working and helps in business growth then drop a mail at



THOUGHTS | Purpose

THOUGHTS | Purpose
Shot with a Nikon D3300.

About Me:
Hey all! My name is Micah (as you can see ;), I’m a college student, aspiring photographer, videographer, tutor, website designer, and musician. My passion in life is to make a difference in people, and I want to become a history professor in the future to teach leaders to lead. I also want to participate in shifting the educational system to fit the student, unlike how it is today where the student is required to fit into the educational system.

What I Do:
I do photography and videography work for clients and friends, as well as partner with a company called 29Eleven Creative. They help me keep track of the financial and legal side of things, allowing me to stay focused on my work as an artist and a student in college. I also have a part-time / full-time job that pays my monthly bills as I plan and prepare for the future.

This Channel:
I post most of my videos and work throughout all the socials; however, I want this channel to be a log for the videos I create as well as a way to categorize all the different series ideas that I am working on. I plan on having a series on people, conversations, and education.

My Work:
If you are interested in any of my work let me know:) I love people as well as shooting photos and films, so send me an email or a phone call and I’ll do my best to get back to you asap. I would love to work along with you in your projects, or just meet with you and talk over life.

– Facebook (@thmgry)
– Instagram (@thmgry)
– Twitter (@thmgry)
– Website (

– Nikon D3300
– Nikkor Vintage 50mm f/1.4
– Nikkor 35mm f/1.8
– Roxant Pro

– Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017
– Adobe Lightroom CC 2017
– Adobe After Effects CC 2017 (sort of :P)…