Type-Safe Web with Kotlin

Type-Safe Web with Kotlin
Web programming is somewhat strange: the core languages (HTML and CSS) have no means of reuse, so we have to use server-side templates and preprocessors such as LESS/SASS to compensate. On top of that, although even very basic Web applications use quite a few different technologies (think HTML/CSS/JS/Java/JSP), there are no means of making sure they fit properly together. Maybe this link is broken, maybe that style is not defined, and so on. Being a general-purpose language, Kotlin (kotlin.jetbrains.org) has no built-in support for Web programming, but you can build a Web framework in it that incorporates everything from routing to markup and client scripting in a type-safe, reusable way. In this session, you can learn how.

Andrey Breslav
Andrey is the lead language designer for Project Kotlin, he joined the JetBrains team in 2010.
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