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What is Responsive Website Design? – Custom Creatives

What is Responsive Website Design? – Custom Creatives

What is Responsive Website Design? – Custom Creatives
Business owners, especially small local business owners – this is for you. Learn about Mobile Responsive Websites and why you must not only have your website mobile responsive but make it easy to navigate and the code must be clean and validated or you will make it very hard for your customers to find you and search engines.

The transition to mobile-friendly websites could mean the difference between frustrated one-time customers and life-long profitable relationships.

Watch our quick video on Responsive Website Design and how it works for many devices and screen sizes.

Nowadays everyone kind of knows what a mobile friendly responsive design is. But what goes misunderstood is the need to have each device screen and size optimized for your users. Did you know that a better user experience will make it much easier for your clients to navigate your website, view more pages on your website, call or visit your location.

Mobile visitors mean business! If they are happy with your website you have the highest chance to convert. 73% of mobile searches trigger an ACTION like making a call or visiting a business.

Other stats of why a great mobile website is important:
61% of visitors will abandon a website that isn’t optimized for mobile
47% of visitors get frustrated when unable to call a business from their phone and will go elsewhere.
64% of all mobile phone owners use their device to search online (this # is growing fast)

When you choose to design or redesign your next responsive website, keep in mind the importance to your business. Hire a quality company that knows marketing and has a good track record. Having the wrong company or designer can create major headaches when it comes to marketing, conversions, growing and often have to start over.

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At Custom Creatives, we can set you up with responsive web design that provides your customers with a great user experience across many devices and screen sizes.ope you like it and is easy to understand! …