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Web development for beginners: What does a web developer do?

Web development for beginners: What does a web developer do?

Web development for beginners: What does a web developer do?
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What Is A Web Development?

Web development usually refers to activities related to website functionalities development. Although every website is developed a little differently, there are three fundamental components that conduct every interaction between a user and the site:

Client (Frontend):
The local computer, device and browser are what the user is interacting with in order to access the website. In this case, the challenge lies in making sure the website functions exactly the same way on all browsers.

Server (Backend):
The Server is the remote computer that is being run “on the other side” and is accountable for site code generation and database handling.

The Database is the information that is generated or used within the website. For instance, all account information of a logged-in user is being stored in the database.

Once the three fundamental components have been identified, you will clearly understand where #webdevelopment ties into the entire process.

Web Development Roles:
When developing websites there are specific project roles that have different responsibilities that are quite prominent:

Web Designers: are responsible for appearance and usability of a website. The range of responsibilities do not include development of actual functionalities. They may possibly work with Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator for design purposes and more advanced designers can build web prototypes using coding skills.

Frontend Developers: are the glue that holds Web Designers and Backend Developers together. These people deal with client-side programming and applying designs they have received from Web Designers. Their main tools are HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Backend Developers: are those who work behind the scenes. They develop server-side logic, manage database connection, design APIs(Application Programming Interface), handle security and authorization. The tools they use are Ruby, Node.js, PHP, Python, GoLang, Java, Scala and a great deal more.

Backend Developers also deal with databases. Some of the most popular databases include MySQL, ElasticSearch, Cassandra, Redis and OracleDB, just to name a few.

A full stack web developer: is a one-man show that works on both the client and server side and sometimes in design. Having command over different areas is in high demand and being able to understand different problems, within different project roles, make these people good candidates for team leadership positions.

What Does A Web Developer Do?

In general, Web Developers are responsible for building and maintaining websites. You might think that web developers spend their entire day working on code, but that’s not necessarily so. Even though development is the greater part of a developer’s job, there are other extremely important tasks that must get done. Here are other important activities a web developer is involved in:

Analysis is a constant and continual part of the Web Developer’s job. Talking with a client and gathering functional and nonfunctional requirements gives the web developer a bird’s eye view in order to plan architecture correctly.

Code Review:
Before new code is added to a main codebase, it goes through a Code Review process. This is a process where other developers go through your code, review it and make suggestions for small fixes. In order to properly participate in a Code Review, you must spend time understanding other people’s code.

Once you have reached a certain level in expertise, you are often expected to share your knowledge with others and train new developers. This is usually followed by a Pair Programming in which two developers sit in front of one computer and attempt to solve problems together.

With the exception of working on new tasks, developers often need to care about legacy projects. This involves solving random bugs and implementing small changes on a currently working project.

Developers do spend a good deal of time meeting with and talking to clients, not just when discussing new features. Developers will often organize daily status meetings, discussing what they accomplished the previous day and what they are planning for today.

Web development for beginners: What does a web developer do?

How to learn web development:
Taking #webdevelopment course online can be a great choice if you’re looking to become a self-taught #webdeveloper. There are lots of web development tutorial for beginners available, whether it’s online video training, guide books or learning from #webdev forums.

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