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Web Design 101 – 8/8

Web Design 101 – 8/8

Web Design 101 – 8/8
This series of lessons is part of our “Build a Better Site” course. Learn how to improve your Wix skills and your website. Enhance your website, grow your business!

In this video, we recap and talk about next steps. You don’t need to be a graphic or web designer to create an impressive website. Use this class as a resource to help guide you in your customization process, to make your website look and feel as good as it can. You’ll learn basic web design concepts and principles, to make the best design decisions for your site.

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Congrats – you made it to the end of a very important “crash course”.

You’ve been taught the basics of creating good web design, with site visitors in mind. This knowledge will hopefully guide your decision-making as you create stunning, successful websites.

In a nutshell:
Sites that are user-friendly…AND
Serve a purpose, or a function…AND
Look and feel flawless…ON
Mobile devices AND desktop computers…

…are home runs! Slam dunks! Touchdowns! Sports metaphors!

Talk is cheap. The whole point of this course is to help you build something! Get started by following these steps; the order is up to you:

First, browse the gallery of website templates to get inspired. You might see something that sparks your eye and gives you a great idea for your own site!
If you’d rather first see how this all works, check out our 3-min demo on using the Wix Editor to customize a website template.
Find a template that tickles your pickle? Immediately start to customize it with the Wix Editor. You don’t even have to download anything – the entire thing is online, even your work in progress so you can start and stop as you like. You don’t even HAVE to use a template! If you’re feeling extra ambitious, there are “blank” websites you can use too!
Play around with the Editor and have fun! Again, you’ll discover all sorts of free design goodies inside, like photos, graphics, icons, types of menus, apps and more!
You can always revisit THIS class if you’re ever unsure about a design decision.

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Happy Designing!…