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Motorcycle Camping: Sierra Designs Flash 2 FL Tent

Motorcycle Camping: Sierra Designs Flash 2 FL Tent

Motorcycle Camping: Sierra Designs Flash 2 FL Tent
Sierra Designs Flash 2 FL Tent

Back in 2005 I purchased a new tent for the purpose of doing some bicycle camping. At the time, I chose the Sierra Designs Meteor Light, because it was relatively light and compact for a two-person tent. Over the years, it has proven to be an excellent shelter and I was planning to use it during our 2017 trip to Alaska. However, even though the Meteor Light was state of the art in 2005, the last 12 years have seen tent technology improve to the point where its 8.5 pounds and 18-inch pack size now seems over-sized.

Given the Meteor Light’s weight and other shortcomings, I decided to begin my search for a new shelter. As a result of my search, I purchased the Sierra Designs Flash 2 FL. Once again, I chose Sierra Designs for their innovation and quality. I chose another two-person tent for the extra space they provide.

The Flash 2, weighs in (including the foot print) at 4.5 pounds and has a much smaller pack size. Moving to this tent has cut almost 50% off my tent weight.

In addition, the Flash 2 FL is a “hybrid” design. It remains a double walled tent on top, but the rainfly is integrated into the mesh body. The body is essentially suspended below the attached rainfly which maintains airflow while at the same time keeping the rain out.

The Flash 2 does not utilize large vestibules; rather it has two 15 inch awnings over each entrance. These awnings provide protection from most rainy situations, however if the rain is windblown and flying sideways, the exposed sides are single-walled and water proof. Just zip up the doors and you are nice and dry inside. I had the chance to try this out while camping in the rain and the design worked very well.

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