Web design Fundalmentals
HTML Fundamentals

HTML Fundamentals

HTML Fundamentals
HTML Fundamentals

=== COURSE INFO ======================================

Learn HTML fundamentals, the first building block to a career in web design and development.

This HTML fundamentals training is taught by award winning trainer Geoff Blake. If you think HTML might be boring, rest assured that Geoff will not be. Learn HTML fundamentals from someone who loves teaching and can keep your interest from the first lecture to the last.

About the Course

Join Geoff on a journey into HTML and web design in this information-packed course. Spanning nearly 6 hours, you’ll gain skills with more than 70 casual, easy to follow lessons, hands-on tasks and techniques!

Get started with a solid foundation: What is HTML? What is CSS? How does everything fit together? From there, learn about handling text, tables, graphics, and hyperlinks. Finally, dig into building forms and handling multimedia — all in HTML Fundamentals!

Who Should Take This Course?

New programmers of HTML and those who could use a HTML brush up will both benefit greatly from this course.

=== COURSE LINK ======================================

Course Link: http://affiliate-udemy.duoshiro.com/udemy/html-fundamentals

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