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How to Learn Design | How to Get Started in Design – Episode 1

How to Learn Design | How to Get Started in Design – Episode 1

How to Learn Design | How to Get Started in Design – Episode 1
Welcome to part 1 of a 5 part series about getting started as a designer. In this video, we cover learning design. Since there are so many facets of design I focus on 5 tips on what to learn and how to learn more effectively.

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This series is geared towards people who have an interest in becoming professional designers but don’t know where to start. In this series, I’ll be covering topics such as:

1. What to Learn
2. Projects to Make
3. Portfolio Building
4. Landing Clients
5. Behavior

This series is great if you are interested in design and is not limited to a certain facet of design. Whether you are interested in graphic design, web design, product design, logo design, etc… I cover basic steps that are distilled down in the hopes of helping people make less of the mistakes I made during the process.

My goal in making this series is to answer the flood of questions I’ve received by email and twitter asking to get started? What projects to pursue, how to find clients, what to do if you have never had a paying client etc… I really hope you enjoy the series and watch it all the way through. I really tried to answer as many of those foundation questions as I could.


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