Web design Fundalmentals
Fundamentals of HTML5 and CSS3- Part 4- by millionlights

Fundamentals of HTML5 and CSS3- Part 4- by millionlights

Fundamentals of HTML5 and CSS3- Part 4- by millionlights
Hello everyone! Welcome to millionlights. Millionlights is a TV channel dedicated to improving skills of people and their employability.

This content has been created by our partner Microsoft and you are watching Microsoft hour of code. Today, we are going to learn, HTML5 and CSS3 fundamentals.

It is extremely valuable to understand the fundamentals of web design if you want to work in digital marketing, social media or design. So, we are providing you with many excellent courses and tools that will help you learn web design fast. At a minimum, a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and design is essential if you want to do anything on the web.

If you aren’t familiar with how websites are built, HTML and CSS provide the fundamental code that constructs the graphic user interface of the internet’s World Wide Web. These episodes have everything you need to upgrade your skills and start building your own interesting and beautiful websites. It not only helps to develop your skills but also provides you job opportunity and good amount of salary.

So let’s move towards the course, HTML5 and CSS3 fundamentals. The topics we are going to cover in this course includes:-

– Defining the Structure of Your Document
– Working with Figures and Images
– Working with Lists
– Creating Tables
– Creating Forms
– Form Validation and Other Future HTML5 Form Enhancements
– Understanding Cascading Style Sheets
– CSS3 Font and Text Properties
– CSS3 Colour and Background Properties
– CSS3 List and Table Properties
– CSS3 Box Properties
– Working with CSS3 Font-Face
– Embedding Video in HTML5
– Working with the HTML5 Canvas
– Working with SVG in HTML5
– Where to Go From Here

In the previous episode, we covered series introduction, Creating HTML5 web page, styling HTML5 web page with CSS3 and understanding the HTML5, working with paragraphs and text, in which we covered coding part, relative path, global attributes and semantic names for classes. Now we will learn, defining the structure of document, working with figures and images, in which we will learn defining an image, after that we will move towards working with lists and creating tables.

Hope all the tools required i.e., windows notepad and internet explorer 9.0, you have on your computer system.
So let’s begin.

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