Avada WordPress Theme Website Design

Avada WordPress Theme Website Design
Avada WordPress Theme Website Design

Avada WordPress Multipurpose Theme:

Custom WordPress Website we created for client using avada wordpress theme: http://millenniumtekks.com/

Avada is the ultimate multi-purpose WordPress theme. It is clean, super flexible, responsive, includes Fusion Page Builder and comes packed with powerful options! This multi-purpose WordPress theme sets the new standard with endless possibilities, top-notch support, and incredible featured packed updates requested from our users. And its the most easy-to use theme on the market! Avada is very intuitive to use and completely ready to operate out of the box. Built with HTML5 & CSS3, a lot of thought and care went into this theme making it a pleasure to use. Avada has a ton of raving user reviews and lots of awesome features. We’ve highlighted some of our features below, check them out below! The clean multi-purpose design can be used for any type of website; business, corporate, portfolio, blog, products, etc. Buy Avada and come be a part of this awesome community!

Clean, modern, multi-purpose design can be used for any type of website
The Ultimate Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
Compatible with latest version
WordPress Multisite (WPMU) Tested and Approved
Built with HTML5 and CSS3
SEO Optimized, Great SEO base already built-in (compatible with SEO Plugins like Yoast)
Well organized, commented & clean code
Cross-Browser Compatibility: FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE9, IE10, IE11
100% Responsive Theme – and you can easily turn it on or off
Easy to use Fusion Builder, a visual page builder
Full control over site width; content area and sidebars
Retina Ready, Ultra-High Resolution Graphics
Social Icons and Theme Icons are Font Icons, no Images
Automatic Theme Updater
Dual sidebars throughout the theme
1-6 Column Support
One Page Parallax feature for any page
CSS3 animations enable or disable on desktop/mobile
Child Theme Compatible – includes basic child theme!
Strong focus on typography, usability and overall user-experience
jQuery Enhancements
Includes the Font Awesome icon set, fully integrated
60 Layered PSD’s for customization
Compatible with Ubermenu (uber does not support sticky headers)
Compatible with Many Popular Plugins

Avada WordPress Multipurpose Theme:

Introduction to MySQL for Website Administrators

Introduction to MySQL for Website Administrators

Level: Beginner
Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy
Length of Class: 30 Minutes

Web Design

Introduction to Website Administration
Purpose of Class

This class teaches new website administrators to be able to understand MySQL Databases for general administration. This class does not delve deep into database architecture and theory, it just teaches what is needed successfully manage a site that uses MySQL to store and retrieve data.
Topics Covered

What is a MySQL Database
How to Navigate through a MySQL Database using PHPMyAdmin
How to export, backup a database
How to extract data from a MySQL Database
Class Notes

Databases are used to store data.
MySQL databases are most commonly used for websites because MySQL is open source and free.
Storing Data
MySQL Server software manages databases
A Database is generally the largest unit for storing data
Tables contain information about specific types of data (vendors, employees, parts list)
Columns in Tables store specific information (Frist Name, Last Name, ID Number)
Rows store Records in a Table (All of an Employees Record, or All Information about a Part
Employee Number Last Name First Name Email Address Phone Number
1 Evans Tom ton@gmail.com 444-444-4444
2 Thompson Fred fred@aol.com 555-555-5555-
Connecting to the Database
Database software allows for Users and Permissions like an Operating System does.
If the Database Server is on the SAME server as the Web Server then you connect to the database using LOCALHOST, if not you use the address of the Database Server
Working with MySQL
You can backup the entire database and restore it by exporting to the SQL format.
You can export TABLES into Excel spreadsheets to easily extract data such as site members email addresses.…

4 Tips For Designing an SEO Friendly Website

4 Tips For Designing an SEO Friendly Website
Spend more than ten minutes online and it is clear that not all sites are the same. A poorly executed website not only looks badly upon the programmer or designer, but it also defeats the entire purpose of creating an online presence in the first place. The fact is that if a customer cannot easily access your site, then your website will not get the exposure it needs to produce enough traffic to generate leads.

The following four tips for designing an SEO friendly website are essential to overall success online.

There are hundreds of search engines on the internet. However, YouTube, Google, Bing, and Yahoo are among the top ten truly successful that business owners should be using. One of the criteria search engines use for placement are relevant keywords that match the meaning of your website. If you overly use keywords on your website or other web properties or choose the wrong, irrelevant terms; then your target audience may never find your site.

To avoid or correct this issue, consider your customer target goals. Place yourself in the shoes of your potential customer and research the keyword terms or phrases you would use to find your products or services. Then, create keywords and keyword placement that list. Check the chosen words with a keyword tool, such as Google’s Keyword Planner, to see their popularity. Finalize your keyword decision and add them to your website strategically.

Keyword Placement
So you have decided on which keywords to use, but where do they go? Can you just throw them in randomly or do specific placement guidelines exist?

You should strategically place keywords in certain areas on your site. Your site should tell a story to the search engines. The keywords or phrases you choose, tells them how and where they should rank it. I used the word strategically because there are particular places on a web page where it is necessary to have your keywords inserted. You do not want your site characterized as being spammy; so be sure not to over-optimize your website with the same keyword. Below are some of the most important places on your site that you should insert keywords:

The title tag, meta description, URL, H tags (1, 2 and 3), Alt text (images) and the main website/web page content.

URL’s and File Names
To increase your site’s visibility to the search engines, it is necessary that they can identify URL names quickly. Make sure you are using relevant keywords within your URL structure for each of your web pages. Relevant keywords or phrases tell Google what the page is about and how and where to rank that page. It also lets your visitors know that they are on the right page for whatever it is they are searching.

The second URL would receive much search engine love because it is descriptive and relevant to the website’s niche.

Naming your images with relevant keywords are important as well. No one is going to click on the second choice if he or she is searching for images of a black Jack Russell terrier but the first image will receive clicks, and the chances of that visitor going to your website are a lot higher.

Social Media
Social media plays a significant role in designing a search engine friendly website. It allows you to build a trusted community and keeps you connected to your current customers or clients, build your brand, show your expertise and acquire new customers. When those customers give reviews, share your links or like your content and follow you; this gives your website exposure and instant credibility. These are as social signals, and they play a significant role in how search engines, specifically Google, rank your website. Social signals are an excellent way of getting exposure, trust, and credibility.

Once you design your website, make sure you sign up with the four most important social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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Introduction to HTML Programming

Introduction to HTML Programming
Attend Question/ Answer MEETUP: http://goo.gl/kPHGFw

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Level: Beginner
Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy
Length of Class: 100 Minutes

Web Design

Introduction to Website Administration
Purpose of Class

This class teaches students basic HTML Programming. After taking this class students will be able to code basic HTML web pages and write raw HTML code for sites such as Craigslist.
Topics Covered

Creating an HTML Page
Formatting Text
Creating Lists
Creating Tables
Adding Pictures
Adding Hyperlinks
Class Notes

HTML is still very relevant for web programming
HTML is used to create Static Web Pages and for Formating
The Basics
Suffix has to be with .htm or .html
Home page has to be named INDEX or DEFAULT
Different web browsers display things differently
Deprecated means you should not use
If you have a LINUX web server you have to make sure you use correct capitalization…

Web Design Speed Art – Nike Just Run

Web Design Speed Art – Nike Just Run
Web Design Speed Art – Nike Just Run

Hey guys! This video is a Nike running event concept web design speed art. Started with a banner of nike shoes and came up with the idea for a race. The website comes with a statistics UI/UX design, event information section, gear store, run for a purpose or cause and a newsletter section. Used a blue black color and yellow for the highlights. Really happy with the overall design, let me know what you think in the comments.

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Adobe Photoshop CC

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In a multi-device world, the design process can feel overwhelming. There are so many variables to account for, so many in betweens, and so much to do. Designers are working frantically to keep all the balls in the air. Clients are wanting a window into the designer’s work and the ability to review and approve as projects move along. Many designers don’t know what the deliverables should be anymore, and neither do their clients. In this session, you’ll learn a simple process you can walk your client or team through that will help ensure valuable deliverables, clear goals, and happy clients. This session will touch on a lot of topics, but it will be very practical with specific takeaways you can begin using right away to help organize and guide your next project. The process outlined will not lock designers into specific tools that defy their personal preferences, but rather provide a framework for understanding why and when to do what in the design process.


Design Principles (their importance, some examples, & how to use them)
Design Discovery (& the deliverables that flow out of it)
Designing with Content Models & Content Hierarchy
Responsive Wireframing (in the browser)
Designing Visual Systems (& the deliverables that flow out of them)

Designers (who want ideas for improving and selling their processes)
Project Managers (who want an understanding of the design process, how to organize it, and how to move it along)
Front-end Developers (who want ideas they can provide to their design teams to help bridge the gaps and provide better communication tools for implementing responsive designs)
Clients (who want to understand the design process and know what they should be looking for out of their design/build vendors)
Anyone (anyone who’s interested in learning about emerging practices and approaches to the design process in the responsive era)…

Web Design BNI Presentation Websites That Mean Business 09Sep14

Web Design BNI Presentation Websites That Mean Business 09Sep14
http://professionalwebsiteny.com , http://numberoneonthelist.com ,
A website is a channel for two way communication. WEBSITE DESIGNER PURPOSE: To promote communication from a business to all correct public using a professional business website and communication from interested persons. To accomplish this, a professional website must be recognizable, interesting, positive and engaging
Here are 5 great reasons for having a business website:
(1) A professional website is the public face of your business
(2) A website presents your products and services, enlightens Visitors
(3) A website is a channel for people to connect to you
(4) Even referrals will take a look for you online
(5) A professional website works for you 24/7
At least 3 of the great reasons above are about furthering communication. Not having a website for your business is on the order of not having a telephone
Recommendations for your website:
– Use a visual for instant recognition on your Home page
– Easy navigation to information about solving a Visitor’s problem
– Be helpful, share your own professional expertise
– Invite feedback and participation.
What features a professional website has should serve the desired outcome. An e-commerce website should produce sales. A service website should result in sign ups for appointments or evaluations.…

Sketch 3 – Web UI Design for Sports Team (Timelapse)

Sketch 3 – Web UI Design for Sports Team (Timelapse)
Video Time-lapse of my work flow in creating Web UI Design for Sports Team using Sketch 3. Please take note that there’s no in-depth ux applied in this project since it’s purpose is to create the UI only.

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