Web design 2016

Web design 2016
A web design program is a computer program used to create, edit, and update web pages and websites. The purpose of such a program is to make it easier for the designer to work with page and site elements through a graphical user interface that displays the desired results, typically in a WYSIWYG manner, while removing the need for the designer to have to work with the actual code that produces those results (which includes HTML or XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop and others) is known as web designing . Examples of a web design program include iWeb, Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe Dreamweaver and NetObjects Fusion which are commercial programs, and Amaya, which is an open source program. Many programs, such as Microsoft Word that are not dedicated to web design also have the ability to function as a web design package…


In this video I’m showing you how to create amazing box shadows with pure CSS3. This is a beginner to advanced level tutorial, a complete workflow on CSS box shadow in modern responsive web design.

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Web Design Company | Dubai City SEO

Web Design Company | Dubai City SEO
Here at Dubai City SEO (http://dubaicityseo.com) we provide premier Web Design and Web Development Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and entire UAE. The main purpose of your website should be “To make more sales of products/ services and to increase the revenue of the organization”. We make the websites which are fully responsive to all devices, easy to navigate, appealing to your customers, clearly showing the benefits of your business and inspiring the visitors to take specific action so that you get more leads/ customers/ clients. Apart from that it will be secure, fast and 100% SEO friendly which will encourage it’s visibility on search engines.
Visit our website for more information — http://dubaicityseo.com/web-design/
Connect to Us —


The Creative Process – Branding and Web Design Agency in Austin and Dallas, Texas

The Creative Process – Branding and Web Design Agency in Austin and Dallas, Texas
Doodle Dog Creative is a creative branding and web design agency in Dallas and Austin, Texas. We are passionate about small business. We are creatives who value timelines and structure (yes, we do exist). We have a no bullshit, tell it like it is, policy. We enjoy a good beer Friday. And we come to work every day to create good lookin’ design, packed full of charisma and purpose. We create brands, websites and online optimization campaigns to help businesses grow.…

Proposal Breakdown: The Textbook Perfect Website Design Proposal

Proposal Breakdown: The Textbook Perfect Website Design Proposal
Get Your Proposal Reviewed Free

Take a bow, Jigowatt

About as close to a textbook perfect proposal as you’re ever going to see, from a web design agency.

Proposal Format:

Jigowatt are Better Proposals customers so they sent this proposal to their potential client using our platform and got their proposal signed digitally. Excellent!


Fantastic photo. Really shows the Founder, Andy in a position of authority commanding attention in a meeting, looking smart with one of his team. Your cover doesn’t always have to be relevant to the client but it does need to have an impact. This really does.


This was absolutely spot on. Straight away they’ve got the value proposition in the first sentence. Nothing more can be said about how good this is.


They have a lot of information on this page and they’ve done two things brilliantly. They’ve kept it in English and avoided tons of techie jargon and they’ve also bullet pointed all of it. This makes the page longer but so much easier to read. Superb.

They have been smart about another page too detailing some SEO efforts. This page has a lot of details on it which if they’d put it in the Spec would have been far too long and too much to take in so they’ve split it up. Very good decision.


Same as the spec. Very well laid out. Clearly details what is going to happen. I always like seeing nicely designed graphics on these pages to make it visually easy for your client to see what’s going to happen. Writing it is one thing but seeing it as a pre-designed image gives it the impression you’ve done it a million times. I have no data to back that up, it’s just something I think.

Case Studies:

Great that they’ve got two relevant examples here with testimonials but they shouldn’t be linking off to the website. You want to keep their attention here. The last thing you really want them doing is getting distracted and going website browsing. Get the short version of the case study on the website into the proposal and remove the links.


Love it being called Investment. They have a testimonial on the price page which is absolutely brilliant. The first thing the person reading this is going to do is read the intro, see the value, then click to the price, next thing they’re going to do is see a testimonial saying it’s great value. You can’t get any better than that. Costs are all clearly laid out. Absolutely superb.


Love the team page. Nice photos, nice little bio. Enough but not too much. Shows they have a decent sized team. Love this.

Contract? Where is it?

The ONLY bad point I have here is there’s no proper contract. Everything else is so so tight and brilliant, this really should be addressed. Perhaps there’s a reason for it not being included but even so, if proposals are being signed off like this one was – there really should be a contract here. You’d expect it.

My suggestion is create a new page with Terms & Conditions on it then have the ‘Next Steps’ page contain the next steps which they have, and have the Digital Signature box on that page.


This is the strongest proposal I’ve reviewed. At time of writing this, I’ve filmed 11 episodes of Proposal Breakdown and been looking at about 10-15 proposals each day for the last 3 years at request of customers giving feedback in places. This is without a doubt in the top 5. If you use anything for inspiration, this should be it.

If you want to get your proposal reviewed like this, send it through to me by going to:

Effective Web Design

Effective Web Design
What makes an effective web design? Is it graphic design, user experience, content, the science of what your audience does when they get to your site? YES! It’s all of these and then some.

Your website should be the focus of your digital marketing strategy today. It’s the only asset that you own and control providing a home base for your unique value proposition, branding and valued content. It’s not hard to find a web developer, there’s one on literally every corner. A great website is an effective website. Sure you want to look professional but effective design is what drives the results you desire from your digital marketing strategy. This is where you need real marketing expertise to build a tool (a website) that performs by and through great design. Your visitors need a first class experience that speaks to them and why they are on your website, a solution that then drives the actions you want them to take with the right words, images and technology so they can fill their needs quickly and effectively. This results in more leads and sales for your business which was the intent of your website in the first place, right?…

Ladies Suit Wholesale | ladies suit market | ladies suit Business purpose

Ladies Suit Wholesale | ladies suit market | ladies suit Business purpose
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Ladies Suit Wholesale | ladies suit market | ladies suit Business purpose

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