Design a Website Landing Page in Sketch (Tutorial) 🖥

Design a Website Landing Page in Sketch (Tutorial) 🖥
Sketch is a powerful application created specifically for design. In this video I walk you through some of the features Sketch has to offer and why it is the preferred software to use for designers. As a demonstration I create a fictitious website landing page that has an adventure/lifestyle look and feel.


Insert an Art-board: 2:35

Create a Grid: 3:20

Build a Navigation Header: 4:40

Create Navigation Link Text Styles: 9:22

Design a Hero Slider: 13:35

Design a Content Section Using Symbols: 25:33

Add a Testimonials Section: 34:25



Free high-quality stock photos for your inspiration – Magdeleine


Cody G: Ukulele and Chill

Towser: Again and Again

Made in M: Chinua

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Basic Jo: I Like U

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Eets: Hawthorne

Keep the Cipher: Blossom

Philanthrope: Real Estate

Enjo: Ride Out

Mndsgn & Sofie: Abeja



Sony a6000:
Iphone 7:

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Sony 16-50mm:


Manfrotto Mini Tripod:
Manfrotto Photo Tripod:


Blue Spark:


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Every week, I will publish meaningful & concise content that provides insight into the field of graphic design, web design, illustration, branding, app design, & other creative areas I find important in my field as a commercial artist. This media includes software tutorials, lifestyle vlogs, and other useful videos to help and inspire anyone looking to improve their skills as a creative badass and take their creativity to new heights.


Hey there, I’m Cody. A craft-beer drinking Designer & Art Director living in San Diego, Ca.

I’ve been designing professionally for the last 6 years and have learned quite a bit along the way. Throughout my career as a creative I’ve had the pleasure of designing for a number of incredible brands & creative agencies.

From working with a variety of clients and organizations, my style can been seen as eclectic and constantly evolving, much like a chameleon. In the world of commercial arts I’ve had to get out of my comfort zone and adapt to the brands and tasks at hand. I like to think that my personal aesthetic is contemporary and minimal combing modern techniques with classic design elements.


Some of the skills I’ve acquired throughout my journey as a creative:

Art & Creative Direction
Graphic Design
Branding & Identity Design
Web Site Design (optimized for mobile & tablet)
App Design
Image Manipulation
Typography & Lettering
Motion Graphics
Video Production & Editing



Advisors Here Are the Website Design Terms You Need to Know

Advisors Here Are the Website Design Terms You Need to Know
You’re a financial advisor, meaning that you know a lot more about finance than I do. And we’re a group of web designers and we know a lot more about web design than you do. So it’s ok if you don’t know what every web design term means.
But don’t worry, we’ve created a basic dictionary of some of the most used web design terms out there just for you. (For more from Advisor Websites, see: 3 Examples of What a Great Advisor Website Looks Like.)
1. 301 Redirect
A 301 redirect is a method for moving a web page to a new location. When would you use this? Let’s say that for the last five years your website domain name has been, but now you want it to be You would use 301 redirect to tell web browsers that whenever someone types in to instead take you to
2. Above the Fold
Above the fold is the section of a webpage that is immediately visible in a browser when it loads and doesn’t require scrolling. So make sure that any content you have above the fold of your website will leave a great first impression on the viewer.
3. ALT Attribute
Alt attributes describe the function of each image you have on your website. This helps Google determine what the image is and the topic of surrounding text. Hover your cursor over this image of the Advisor Websites logo to see an example of an alt text.

(Alt-text: Advisor-Websites-Force-Logo.png. Make the alt text say, hey there! This is an image of the Advisor Websites logo to show what an alt text is like, this will help with SEO).
4. Call to Action
A call to action (CTA) is used to ask viewers to perform a specific action. Text, images, banners, or buttons used in a persuasive tone are call-to-actions. For examples, you can check out our latest ebook.

5. Cookies
A cookie is a very small file that’s stored on your computer from a specific website. Each time you visit that website, your browser sends codes to the website. Don’t worry cookies do not usually contain anything dangerous or personal information. Why would cookies be useful to you? The data from cookies can tell you who visited your website, how often they visit, what parts of the website they visit the most, and their preferences. (For more from Advisor Websites, see: Why Advisors Need to Be Wary of Non-Responsive Websites.)
6. Color Scheme
Color scheme is the choice of colors you use throughout your webpage. You want them to be consistent, especially with your logo.
7. Conversion
A conversion is a measurable action. This could be a prospect signing up for your email newsletter, completing a contact form, or downloading an ebook.
8. GIF
GIF (pronounced jif) stands for graphics interchange format. Or in English: a file that is animated by combining several moving images. Here is an example of a gif:

9. Meta Tag
Meta tags contain information about a web page. The purpose of a meta tag is to help search engines…

Simple Website Alignment with Grids, Brett Romero

Simple Website Alignment with Grids, Brett Romero
Grids are fundamental to page layout in general, and web design specifically.

Bootstrap, Foundation and Skeleton are all wonderful frameworks, but can be intimidating to learn from scratch. Let’s break things down.

960 Grid System was arguably the first widely-adopted CSS framework, and is still a great place to learn fundamental web layout techniques.

Brett walks you through the main construction phase of your page layout.


Web Design for Non Profits – Elevation Web – Get Social

Web Design for Non Profits – Elevation Web – Get Social


Elevation is a leading web solution firm for non-profit organizations. Since 2002 we have had the great privilege of assisting hundreds of non-profits, furthering their cause. Our excellent products and solutions are provided in a way that is accessible to most non-profit organizations.

Elevation is devoted to helping each non-profit become more efficient in raising money, spreading their message, and building bonds with donors, volunteers, and those in need. Whether you need an up-to-date website, online fundraising campaigns, or a way to manage your constituents, Elevation’s solutions generate a path to achieve your goals.…

Tailored Web Design | Trav.Media

Tailored Web Design | Trav.Media
Web design with a purpose – a systematic approach to acquire new web leads with multiple capture system styles and techniques. The end result is an SEO and mobile optimized site that is sure to engage your viewers.

– –…

Web Design Trends – Flat Design

Web Design Trends – Flat Design
Flat design is quickly becoming the “it design” of the moment, which means that you should learn how it works and why it works. In this video we’re going to take a look at some great examples of flat design and talk a little about what’s going on in each one.


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Toronto Web Design Review – Caroline Candace | Seo Internet Marketing Branding

Toronto Web Design Review – Caroline Candace | Seo Internet Marketing Branding
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Effective SEO is getting found when people are searching for products and services they are ready to buy, not just browse or research.
SEO has two main components: on-page SEO and off-page SEO.
On-page refers to the things you have direct control over: your domain name, title, page content, meta data, alt-tags, text, video, images and more.
Off-page refers to the things you don’t necessarily have direct control over, because it takes place off of your website. This is mostly backlinks and social sharing.

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